Sector Chapters


The Carbon Footprint Partnership draws sectoral support from the various chapters that deal in a structured way with the issues that arise during decarbonization.

Currently, volunteers in various sectoral chapters are focused on finding solutions to the general problems of the various sectors of activity in which we provide support, as well as maintaining contact with other associations dedicated to decarbonization and the main technical players.

It is the will of the Association and its members to be able to cover all the technical problems of the different sectors of activity that we can address through a dense network of volunteers.

If you are interested in joining a sectoral chapter, please complete the form below and let us know.


  • They are in charge of finding methodologies, solutions and strategies.


  • Communicate with global and local institutions and organizations


  • Tailor solutions and methodologies to the local nature of the action

Good practices

  • They seek and share experiences in other countries and sectors for the common good.

Sector Chapters

Volunteers with expertise in climate change management in different sectors and activities help companies, organizations, associations, foundations and professionals to find the best way to implement their decarbonization plans.


Citizens - Families

Smart Cities

3rd sector NGOs


Events and Leisure

Digital - Green IT