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The problem

Global Warming

The planet’s temperature is increasing under the current conditions of greenhouse gas generation, causing climatic catastrophes and serious damage to society.


The measurement and generation of action plans is mostly done at the level of specialized private actors, which represents a high cost of the measurement and action planning exercise for small organizations.

Challenge 2030 and 2050

Citizens, organizations, professionals and companies face the challenge of measuring the CO2 equivalent they generate and implementing plans to reduce it by 45% by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

Know how to do

There is a GAP of knowledge and measurement tools and simple solutions for society to address the problem in a structured way.

Tools and cooperation

Measurement tools are not designed for all levels of knowledge and there is no structured cooperation between groups with the same problem (e.g. neighborhood communities, schools, associations).

Complex Tracking

We are all obliged to carry out the plans, record them and follow them in order to demonstrate that we are effective. The multi-year nature of monitoring makes it more complex.

Help to solve the problem

Carbon Footprint Association

Create an association that can unify all experts and citizen volunteers with the same problems to share solutions, reduce the costs of the climate transition and achieve a carbon-free economy.

Target Audience

Users: Citizens, Professionals, SMEs / Community: professors, researchers, sponsoring companies, institutes, national organizations, other NGOs

Cost savings

Automate and simplify processes (measurement, planning, monitoring) – help society reduce the cost of energy transition and reduce carbon

Easy to use

Everyone can do it individually or with the help of the community.

carbon footprint partnership steps to decarbonize

How we provide the service

In the following slider you can see the 10 steps we follow to serve you.

1.- You register on the website of the association

The Carbon Footprint Association website is the core of the service, it has the training courses, the social network and the repository of files and models. Click on Contact Us and fill in the form.

2.- We understand your objective and context.

Territorial and technical volunteers analyze the situation and contact you to know more details and particularities with the registration questionnaire.

3.- We plan the process together

Planning takes into account your operational situation as well as your ability to dedicate yourself and contribute to the success of the project.

4.- We train the team

To ensure the best autonomy and accuracy in measurement, reduction plans and compensation and recording, we train participants in

5.- We calculate together the Carbon Footprint

Using the tools defined by the regional and central governments, we complete the emission data reflecting the activity carried out.

6.- We define an improvement plan

With the results of the measurement, we consult the marketplace solutions catalog and propose actions that are validated by the organization. Some solutions may involve medium-term research actions.

7.- We register the entity

With all the documents completed, we prepare with the entity the registration of the entity in the governmental or autonomic inventories. We carry out the registration.

8.- We obtain the certificate

If everything has gone well we obtain the autonomous or national certificates about our carbon plan and we can start using the defined labels to highlight the entities that have carried out the process.

9.- Communication and Marketing

With the labels obtained after the validation of the registration we can carry out a marketing campaign that shows our circle of activity the commitment we have acquired and the actions we have carried out.

10.- Annual follow-up

Year after year until 2030 / 2050 the entity can count on our support for monitoring, updating of the register and validation of the reduction and compensation results previously planned.

Summary of activities 2023

We hope this message finds you full of energy and excitement, ready to embrace a new year full of opportunities and challenges.

Before we embark on this exciting journey to 2024, we want to take a moment to reflect on the amazing accomplishments we have achieved together in 2023.

Growth and Union

First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment and dedication to the cause of reducing our carbon footprint.

In 2023, our volunteer family has grown considerably, reaching a total of 132 members, including 123 volunteers and 9 team members.

Training and Environmental Education

Our commitment to environmental education has also been impressive. We have been able to train 99 volunteers at N1 levels and another 81 at N2, the rest are in the process of training, which will be completed in a few weeks.

Overall, our volunteers have dedicated a total of 340 hours to training, reflecting their commitment to be better prepared and contribute significantly to the decarbonization of society.

Project Impact

In 2023, we have not only learned, but we have also acted, and thanks to your collaboration: 83 projects with entities

We have successfully carried out a total of 30 projects completed aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in different sectors and obtaining MITECO registration.

We are currently involved in 53 active projects, providing our support to various entities to achieve a positive change in their environmental practices.

Emission Reduction and Reforestation

We are proud to report that, to date, we have measured a total of 9,941 tons of carbon emissions and offset 6,321 tons .

In addition, we have planted, together with the entities we support, a staggering 36,177 trees and reforested 153,760 square meters, contributing significantly to the restoration of our natural environment and helping to improve the standard of living of the citizens who plant them.

Community and Connection

In an increasingly digital world, our IT systems have performed excellently and so we have maintained a solid connection, regardless of where we are.

All this thanks to our 660Teams sessions coordinated with Booking’s, more than 12,000 chat messages and emails and a total of 330 hours of joint work and screen sharing.

The ability to become more digital and adapt to new methods of collaboration is inspiring and vital to the continued success of our association and the companies we help.

Let’s keep moving forward in 2024!

These achievements are a testament to what we can accomplish when we work together with passion and determination.

As we head into a new year, we want to express our deepest appreciation to each and every one of you for your dedication and tireless effort.

2024 offers new opportunities for volunteers and companies to make an even greater difference in the fight against climate change.

Therefore, we have prepared a new 2024 plan that you will find summarized in future messages and published in social networks, we hope it will be of your interest.

Let’s keep inspiring others, keep working tirelessly and keep growing as a community.

Happy New Year, dear volunteers, supporters and companies that rely on the Carbon Footprint Association!

Together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

With gratitude and enthusiasm:

Carbon Footprint Association Management and Coordination Team