The Carbon Footprint Association

Dedicated to the fight against climate change, it provides its services to society thanks to non-profit organizations and citizen volunteers.

As an NGO: we support citizens, organizations, professionals and small and medium enterprises to measure the CO2 impact according to the legislation of local standards, generate a CO2 report, an action plan and registration in the defined institution, especially those who do not perform processes.

CO2 plan

We help you measure your CO2 emissions for free

We support you in the measurement, training and definition of action plans to offset your CO2 emissions

  • Measurement of my CO2 ⇒ Create report with the CO2 emissions of my activity and register in the administration.
  • Create an action plan ⇒ to compensate define and execute actions and follow up
  • Implement solutions execute and pursue low-cost compensation strategies.

Who we count on to help you

The Association is nourished by citizen participation as the core of its capacity and also counts on the support of groups and organizations interested in the voluntary reduction of the carbon footprint, all of which is non-profit.


  • Local and international experts who help us in our methodological and technical work.


  • Citizens, professionals, organizations and companies that collaborate unselfishly


  • Tools and services for non-profit organizations. that help us to have the means to progress.


  • Donations received also help us to maintain the AHC forest.

To which groups and individuals do we address

The Association aims to help manage the carbon footprint of all those groups that lack the means and knowledge to launch a voluntary carbon footprint reduction plan.


  • Analyze your emissions and find out how to reduce them
  • Set goals and execute significant actions for the reduction of CO2


  • Fund pre-vetted, high-quality offsets and removals from our list or global Marketplaces

Professionals/ Companies

  • Find alternatives to your current technologies and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Nature-based solutions and others.


  • Sharing progress
  • Training citizens in climate management
  • Setting an example.
training scope for you and tree

formacion Carbon footprint association we give you training

  • Discover the climate impact on your own business
  • Train your family, colleagues, students, employees to discover how the carbon footprint and consequently the climate impact can be reduced
  • I trained for free on how to measure and record your carbon footprint in institutions.

Eco Services we offer

Various activities that complement our offer of services as NGOs for the fight against climate change.


sustainable brand


Green Marketing




Climate Solutions


Blog – Relevant News

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Our objectives as NGOs for the climate create a forest

The best way to set an example is to do what is recommended to others.

Plant trees

Capture Ton. CO2

Reforest M2

A key objective of the Carbon Footprint Association is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore has an ambitious plan to plant trees and reforest areas to be recovered.

By 2022 the objectives are in relation to voluntary carbon – not certified -: Plant 10,000 trees, Reforest 60,000 square meters and Capture 2,500 tons of CO2. In the graph we update monthly the evolution of the plan with the collaboration of the partner with whom we plant: Tree-Nation .

Report updated as of: 3 Jul 2022

Daniel Vazquez Sanz

Carbon Footprint Association Volunteer.

Our key partners

for you and tree ghg protocol
for you and tree myco2 ambassador
for you and tree logo tree-nation forest
for yu and tree world resources institute

methodological partners

The Carbon Footprint Association follows the recommendations of methodological partners recognized by all institutions and governments.

Partners CO2 reduction solutions

Carbon Footprint Association closely monitors the market for CO2 capture solutions and tries to recommend the best cost-benefit solution in each case.


Information for volunteers

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Follow-up videos of the IPCC 2022 program – Sixth assessment