David Carmont
Vocal / Strategy


Business Angel

Daniel Vázquez
Secretary / Measure

Compensation Expert

Calculation Expert

Gabriel Sas
Treasury / Govmt.

Accounting & Taxes

Legal counselor

Ramiro González
President / Speaker

PhD Engineering.

Techn expert

Carlota Vázquez
Vocal / IT & Arts

Creativity and IT arts


Jose M. Muñiz
Vocal / Field action

Nature based solutions

Field Volunteer

Cova González
Vocal / Sup. & HHRR

HHRR mgmt.

Chemistry expert


Our policy

Our goal is as defined in the legal constitution document

Any profit motive is excluded.

The protection of the environment and specifically the fight against climate change by helping to reduce the carbon footprint (GHG) of individuals, companies and associations in order to measure, compensate and reduce the amount of CO2 generated by their activity. by any means or proprietary or third-party technology.

To achieve its goals, the association carries out the following activities:

  • Training society on climate change and support for the dissemination of all available localized materials.
  • Reduction and compensation of CO2 impacts
    • Calculation of the carbon footprint due to greenhouse gases
    • Development of carbon footprint reduction plans
    • Support for obtaining governmental, regional and international certificates that demonstrate the entity’s commitment to decarbonization (e.g. MITECO).
    • Support for carbon footprint offsetting through tree planting around the world in collaboration with various global entities for tree plateaus, environmental protection and poverty reduction.
    • Assistance in the creation of communication plans for the actions developed by the entity using the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) as a framework for information and communication.
  • Participation in communication forums, local, national and international global activities related to CO2 reduction and the improvement of the environment and diversity.
  • Development and support for the development of any technology related to or that supports the protection of the environment
  • Software development and support for start-up companies focused on decarbonization as business angels.
  • Consulting and certification services