Web Measurement

Many organizations use web sites to support activities.

This web sites are hosted in a datacenter where electricity consumed could be green or not.

Organizations could check how much CO2 pages generate and also measure precisely with the compensation as a goal.

There are many actions we could do to be more greener:

  • Moving to hosting pure powergreen
  • Planting trees to compensate generated CO2
  • Reduce the size and images of web site being more focused.
  • Stop web site if really not necessary

To estimate how much CO2 generates web site there are many sites helping as for example:

Estimations are done based in Green Web Foundations Data bases.

Discover if your hosting is power Green:

Click to access to CO2 measurement and badge:

Once you measure you could get different badges

Es: measurement and ranking in your site

Power Green badge

This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org