COP27, known as the climate summit, will be held in Egypt from November 6 to 18, 2022.

Negotiations between the parties were concluded on November 20, 2009.

It focused on 3 areas:

  1. Reducing emissions
  2. Helping countries prepare for climate change
  3. Provide technical support and financing for developed countries.

It also addressed 3 issues that were not fully resolved at the previous COP 26:

  1. Financial loss and damage (money to help countries recover from the effects of climate change)
  2. The establishment of a global carbon market (pricing the effects of emissions globally).
  3. Strengthening agreements to reduce the use of oil.

took place 6 high-level round tables which dealt with the following topics:

  • “Transition only”
  • Investing in the future of energy
  • Innovative climate and development finance
  • Food safety
  • Water security
  • Climate change and sustainability of vulnerable communities

A children’s pavilion was set up, led by the children themselves, so that they could give their opinion. pavilion for children and youth The children’s pavilion, directed by the children themselves, was set up so that they could give their opinion, since they are the generation of the future.

It has agreed to establish a fund to assist developing countries hit by climate catastrophes The fund has been agreed, but it does not boost efforts to tackle the emissions that cause them. Nor does it specify how, how much, or who should contribute to the fund.

The guideline of not to exceed 1.5ºC of global warming.

The agreement from the previous summit is also maintained with respect to phasing out the use of coal

It recognizes the urgency to promote renewable energies

They promote climate technology solutions in developing countries through a 5-year work program.

It recognizes the importance of local governments importance of local governments in addressing and responding to climate change

COP27 has not generated significant changes with respect to the previous COP26. . Although it does make progress on technical issues

Only 7 COPs left until 2030 target year to have cut emissions in half

It is recognized, thanks to the pressure of civil society, that “climate change is a common concern of humanity”.