A week of the annual maelstrom has passed, this year it was the 25th day of November that was chosen to drive the consumerist spiral. And since 7 days have already passed and it’s Friday again, we invite you to reflect on it.

By now we all know very well what “Black Friday” is: the last Friday of November, more or less spectacular offers that invite us to start the consumerist spiral of Christmas already close. And it’s like a game, once you get hooked it’s hard to stop… You can resist…. The more stoic created the “Buy Nothing Day” as a sign of protest against the exacerbated and uncontrolled form of consumption to which “Black Friday” encourages us.

And there is a third way to live this last Friday of November in our developed society. Now we talk about this alternative, known as “Green Friday”. But first, let’s not forget that in other societies they have other things to worry about, not only this Friday, but any other day of the week.

Green Friday is, as I said, a third way, perhaps the middle way: neither uncontrolled shopping nor total abstinence. It consists of offering consumers sustainable products, fair trade, from producers or traders who offset their carbon footprint, proximity, artisanal, … everything that has a positive impact on the planet directly (it is an ecological, sustainable product) or indirectly (your purchase generates an action for the planet such as planting trees, …). The idea is to encourage, at least for one day a year (which does no harm), purposeful consumption. To this end, manufacturers and retailers encourage the purchase of this type of products with offers, discounts,…

So far, the advantages of going “Green” instead of “Black” seem clear: better to consume with a conscience! But it is not enough to join the green color to silence our conscience and consider that anything goes. We should not neglect the need to REDUCE our level of consumption. But, if we can’t or don’t want to reduce it, at least let it have a good purpose, but we must be well informed to verify that the products we are buying are really “Green” or that the actions they generate for the planet are real and have a positive impact on the environment.

And you…what do you choose: Black or Green Friday?

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