Looppac startup committed to the carbon footprint

One of the main problems we face today is climate change.

This is mainly due to the production of carbon dioxide in excessive amounts.

Therefore, companies and individuals have a responsibility to do something about it.

One example of a company that is taking active steps is Looppac, a startup dedicated to creating products with recycled plastic turned into fabric to create bags and accessories, designed to impact our personal carbon footprint and to empower the transition to a circular economy.

This startup undertook to calculate its carbon footprint, define and implement a carbon footprint reduction program and submit it all to the MITECO registry.

These commitments helped Looppac reduce its environmental impact.

The company went through the entire process and then shared all this data with its customers and suppliers with the help of the Carbon Footprint Associationa non-profit climate change association that trained the startup’s employees and helped them run the entire process from start to finish. This partnership also helped them identify areas for improvement and set goals to reduce their carbon footprint.

This startup’s initiative is an example of a big step towards a greener future. By reducing its carbon footprint and sharing this information with its customers, the company is promoting awareness of climate change.

This initiative and the way it was carried out, at no cost, with the help of the NGO Asociación Huella de Carbono will help other entities by imitation to take the initiative and launch proactive plans and measures to reduce their own carbon footprints.

In conclusion, Looppac’ s initiative is an excellent contribution to the fight against climate change.

By taking active steps to reduce its carbon footprint, providing information to its customers and suppliers, and sharing its success with the community, the company is promoting action and developing awareness of the climate change that affects us all.

There are no small companies committed to climate change, only business managers with determination, vision and hope for a better climate future.

We at AHdC are proud to have been part of this history.

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Asociación Huella de Carbono – Non-profit NGO (asociacionhuelladecarbono.org)

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