european green pact

Have you ever wondered what has been directly aligned in the European Green Pact that is set to impact the European Union’ s approaches to improving the impact of the transport and energy sectors on business?

The issue is more complex than one might think, as the European Commission has presented several legislative packages such as:

1. Suitable for package 55: The EU’s plan for a green transition
2. The Efficient and Green Mobility Package: New transport proposals
3. Hydrogen and decarbonised gas market package: Hydrogen and decarbonised ...

The above landmark publications are intended to impact businesses across the EU, and in a variety of sectors and ways, driving innovation and strengthening the EU’s leadership in climate change adaptation on a global scale.

The main milestones established for the three selected legislative packages are as follows:


Acceleration of alternative fuel infrastructure deployment in the EU-27.

Transportation +

Promotion of rail and inland waterway transportation for freight and passengers.

Renewable Energy

An increase in renewable energy quotas throughout the transportation sector.


Promoting and advancing the use of renewable hydrogen throughout the EU to diversify the bloc’s fuel supplies.

More emission rights

Extension of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in relation to carbon pricing in the transport sector.

CO2 neutral city

Supporting 100 EU cities in their climate neutrality and smart city model objectives to be achieved by 2030.