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Carbon to professionals and SMEs

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We are an NGO expert in neutralizing carbon that generates citizens, professionals and SMEs that help citizens, professionals and SMEs free of charge to calculate, reduce, compensate and register their CO2 footprint.

Become a carbon neutral company – NGO climatic actions

As you know, the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change 201-2030 describes the challenges and obligations that society faces in the face of the phenomenon of climate change.

Together with the European and global institutions, Spain has signed a declaration adopting the plan to facilitate the target of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reductions in 2030 and 2050.

Carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) originates from various sources, including the energy necessary to carry out the activity, whether it is the consumption of electricity, fossil fuels such as oil, gas, etc. As well as the displacements made in the supply chain (purchases of goods) to provide the company with its products.

CO2 reduction objectives

By 2030 it has been agreed that they must reduce up to 50% of carbon emissions and by 2050 up to 100%. These objectives may vary depending on the evolution of the climate crisis

In order to help citizens, professionals and SMEs, multiple organizations have launched ambitious plans with voluntary registrations to reduce CO2 in three main areas and by sectors

Calculation: Measure the CO2 we generate as citizens, professionals or companies
I reduce: Plan actions to reduce the emission of CO2 generated
Compensation: Not being able to reduce more, I plan CO2 absorption actions by other means (eg: natural solutions)

For you and Tree : Our free climate change support services are

Help in:


  • Training for those responsible on the carbon footprint
  • We calculate the carbon footprint of your business or product
  • We help you make reduction and compensation plans
  • We recommend technical or natural solutions to achieve your goals until 2030 / 2050
  • We help you to register it in the documents required by the government (voluntary plan of the Government of Catalonia or the Ministry of Ecological Transition)

We would appreciate that


  • If you are interested in being part of the first phase of the studies, reply to this email and we will contact you to discuss and plan the phases and calendar of activities or fill out the form here
  • If you are not interested, thank you for indicating it too, so that we can dedicate the effort to those who now have a short-term interest and deal with other cases later.



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