For you and Tree members get Citizen Ambassador role in MyCO2 platform

This platform aims to discover and measure CO2 footprint and define action plan to compensate evaluating impact of each action .

MyCO2 has aggregated CO2 footprint related with each and every activity we do in our life helping to understand all citizens and enterprises how we generate CO2 helping to reduce and compensate

Approach is based in participation of citizen in pedagogic conferences where after introduction, there is a phase of diagnostic where we measure our footprint followed by sharing testimony and define engagement action plan.

Carbon measurement is classified in 5categories ( see graphic )

  1. I move (transport)
  2. I eat (food)
  3. I lodge (lodging)
  4. I buy (purchases of goods and services)
  5. Public expenditure (public services)

See case study ↗

To participate in Citizen conferences please contact us

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